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JST029: Palmer's Christmas House
Photos: Jody Stewart/ Narratives
Text and styling: Celia Rufey/ Narratives

Nearly 30 years ago, Judi and Edward converted the old groom’s cottage attached to his parents’ Queen Anne house as a home for themselves and their two young children.
Judi trained as an art teacher, has had her own gallery, and now works as an educational consultant alongside running her company, Wraparazzi, specialising in artfully wrapped gifts with a twist.
Life in the cottage centres on the open plan kitchen-living room where once horses were stabled beneath the hayloft. Essential to Judi’s style is an exuberant mix of much loved collectibles. Prints from the1930s, paintings by contemporary artists and textile treasures trade space with bright vintage china and cool modern ceramics.
When it’s time to decorate for Christmas, Judi has more surprises in store to
conjure an explosion of festive effects.

Christmas, Festive, Winter, Period Homes, Conversion & Renovation
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