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RW001: Autumn
Photos: Rachel Whiting / Narratives
Text & Styling: Tanya Goodwin / Narratives

Centred around the idea of making the most of an unexpected, glorious autumn day in your garden. Take your kitchen furniture out into the garden for an impromptu tea party, use autumn leaves to decorate a delicious cake and gather windfall apples for guest place settings. Mix blues with the reds and yellows of the season. Make seasonal bunting to hang through the apple trees, make a simple hedgerow wreath. Make a natural corsage from leaves and a dried hydrangea head. Collect berries, seed heads and branches of russet-coloured leaves on an afternoon walk and arrange in glasses. Sort through old pots and plan the year ahead in your garden.

Autumn, Autumnal, Outdoor, Outdoor Entertaining, Lifestyle
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