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RM010: Delia Peel
Photos: Rachael Smith / Narratives
Text & Styling: Rachel Leedham / Narratives

Before she co-founded Thornback & Peel – renowned for its whimsical,
screenprinted textiles and homewares – Delia Peel was a theatre designer. “I
was taught that everything was in the detail,” she remembers. “If anything
jumped out, it had to be for a reason.”
Her training proved useful when she reconfigured this ground floor garden
flat in an Edwardian mansion block abutting Hampstead Heath, which she
shares with her husband, neurologist Orlando Swayne, and their two small
children, Madeleine and Sol. Although the couple have entirely reconfigured
the main space – the kitchen was created from what was a disproportionately
vast entrance hall – it looks as if it has always been this way. “We carefully
followed the grammar of the building,” affirms Peel. “It was important to
design everything to look as if it belonged here; the size of the flat wouldn’t
allow for any standout architecture.”

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