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RM014: Georgian Town House
Photos: Rachael Smith / Narratives
Text & Styling: Rachel Leedham / Narratives

A move from a state-of-the-art apartment to a traditional Georgian home saw
Stephen Gough revisiting the classics.
Moving from an apartment in an über-modern, Norman Foster-designed
glass building on the southwest bank of the Thames to a Georgian end of
terrace house in Islington must have been quite a change for Stephen Gough,
but he embraced the experience. ‘My partner works as a GP in Birmingham
during the week and she joins me at weekends, so I needed to find a place
that was within a short drive of Euston station,” he explains. “The housing
stock in this part of London tends to be Victorian and Georgian, so I knew I
was likely to end up buying a period building.’
What Stephen lost in terms of cutting-edge design he gained in terms of
character: tall ceilings, beautiful plasterwork and elegant windows that pull
light into the building. He also inherited some of the less pleasing traits of a
house constructed nearly 200 years ago: ‘I was aware that there was a
problem with damp because I had commissioned a specialist survey, but the
expert hadn’t recognised the extent of the issue,’ Stephen remembers.
With a busy job in the City, Stephen knew that he wouldn’t be able to oversee the
damp proofing works; he also realised that he needed help decorating the house.
‘My previous flat was furnished so I literally owned one bed,’ he confesses. His brief
to Nicola Pratt of LIFE Style, an interior design firm based in Islington, was relatively
open-ended: ‘I thought it made sense to have a style that was in keeping with the
period of the building, but with a modern edge,’ he notes. ‘Other than that, I was
really open to ideas.’

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