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RM016: Illusions of Grandeur
Photos: Rachael Smith / Narratives
Text & Styling: Rachel Leedham / Narratives

In spite of its diminutive size, Mandy Goldreich and Julian Munson’s Little
Venice apartment really packs a punch
When Julian Munson first met his fiancée Mandy Goldreich, she was living
in a tiny one-bedroom flat in Little Venice, while Julian was commuting into
the City every day from his home town of Colchester. ‘For me, London was
the place where I worked, rather than somewhere I would want to live, but
Mandy changed all that,’ he admits. ‘She had grown up in Little Venice, and
I soon understood why she loved it. The canals give it a very special feel, as
do all the small independent shops.’
After a year of sharing Mandy’s bijou residence, the pair decided it was time
to find a larger apartment. ‘We were looking for something that was about
1,200 square feet in size, but 12 months into the search, we still hadn’t found
anything suitable,’ Mandy remembers. ‘We originally dismissed this
apartment because it is just 850 square feet.’ But the flat’s high ceilings and
wonderful sense of light stuck in their minds, as did the canal-side location
of the handsome stucco-fronted building. A few days later, they returned for
a second viewing.
This time, the pair brought along Lindsey Rendall, who had already helped
them with the interior design of their home in Colchester. ‘Lindsey agreed
that the bones of the flat were good, even though it had been very poorly
refurbished,’ says Mandy. ‘She was prepared to take on my challenge, which
was to get a proper kitchen, as well as a dining table, into the living space –
when we bought it, the room had a tiny strip of units for a kitchen and the
fridge was housed in the utility cupboard in the entrance hall!’.

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