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BD140: Caroline Oleron
Photos: Brent Darby / Narratives
Text & Styling: Bethany Kayes-Thorpe / Narratives

When Caroline Oleron reluctantly viewed a 17th-century cottage, she unearthed her true roots and a new vocation. Caroline and husband Xavier sold their six-bedroom Victorian house to start afresh.
‘When we moved into the cottage we knew it was too small for two adults, three boys and a pair of Springer Spaniels,’ Caroline admits, ‘but we were happy to exchange some house for half an acre of cottage garden.
The move has been momentous for Caroline. ‘I’ve enjoyed the process of buying things to suit an old cottage. ‘I started growing sweet peas the first summer and had so many I couldn’t keep up with the cutting,’ says Caroline. ‘I put bunches at the gate for £1 a pop. Then the village shop asked to stock them, then three farm shops.’ Caroline thought that demand for her flowers would die down as winter approached, but the customers kept on coming.
Caroline has converted the former owner’s photographic studio into a workshop for Cherfold Cottage Flowers. Here she creates unique hand-tied posies, seasonal arrangements and wedding flowers.

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