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BD147: Art of Living
Photos: Brent Darby / Narratives
Text & Styling: Charlotte Colville / Narratives

When artist Josephine Trotter and husband Angus decided to downsize, they
needed to look no further than the farm buildings they had lived opposite for
forty years…
Josephine Trotter’s house is bursting with interest and colour. It’s hard to
imagine ever being bored, or tired or uninspired here. Be it her fuchsia pink
bathroom, her floral wallpapers as bright as a summer garden or a collection
of painted china teapots, every wall and surface displays a confidence with
colour that can only come from the eye of an artist. And to appreciate
Josephine’s truest passion the on looker needs only to stand back and enjoy.
Her paintings. In glorious colours and exuberant forms they positively beam
from the walls. Here a London street heaves with the jostling crowds of a
countryside march, there a simple bowl of crimson tulips spill from a blue
vase. ‘A pernicious colour, crimson,’ tuts Josephine who has such a powerful
empathy with the material she uses that she gives it a wayward nature of its
own. And it is in harnessing these colours and forms that she breathes life
into her quite remarkable paintings, which in turn make the walls of her
home a pleasure to behold.

Summer, Country Homes, Outdoor, Garden, Antiques, Collections, Patterns, Feminine, Romantic
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