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BD148: Spirit of Adventure
Photos: Brent Darby / Narratives
Text & Styling: Charlotte Colville / Narratives

David and Angy Bovill have always lived life adventurously, rarely baulking
at a challenging renovation. Their combined talents in architecture and
horticulture are a winning formula and their latest project was perhaps the
most rewarding of all.
‘First impressions of the interior were not encouraging,’ admits Angy. For a
start the front door was rotten and hanging off its hinges, and would take the
gentlest of nudges to collapse altogether. Almost all of the other doors
throughout the house were missing, the windows were mainly cracked or
caving in, walls were crumbling, and the floorboards were rotten throughout.
One staircase was utterly dilapidated and the other missing altogether.
They gutted the house from top to bottom, stripping ancient walls back to
make good for re-plastering. They started from scratch with new plumbing
and electricity throughout the house, had new windows fitted and rethatched
the smaller cottage make the roof water tight. A new staircase was
added in the gaping space where once a staircase had been and rotten
floorboards, and concrete floors were taken up to re-floor throughout.

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