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Features > Winter Homes > Christmas Homes > Jane's Emporium
PE129: Jane's Emporium
Photos: Polly Eltes / Narratives
Text & Styling: Sian Williams / Narratives

There’s a hive of activity in the Beck household as Jane trudges back and
forth across from the cosy warmth of her 17th farmhouse out into the cold
frosty air to her purpose built corrugated iron shop, and workspace just
across the road. It’s two weeks just before Christmas and Jane and her son
Leuan have been adding the final festive details to both shop and house
using strings of Christmas lights, scented candles and copious quantities of
spruce and ivy. ‘It’s such a great time of the year and with every one
knowing everyone in the local area the community spirit is enhanced even
more over the festive period’, says Jane.
Initially, when the family first moved to this rural Welsh village seventeen
years ago from the busy town of Reading it was a huge culture shock.
Getting to grips with the slower pace of life was difficult but now they are
settled, the roots are firmly set with Jane and her family who now play a big
part in the local community.

Wales, Christmas, Festive, Winter, Country Homes, Rustic, Animals and Pets, 17th Century, Farmhouse, Shop, Rural, Creative, Creativity, Cosy
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