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RG021: Home on the Farm
Photos: Richard Gadsby / Narratives
Text & Styling: Sharon Parsons / Narratives

In her mind’s eye, Caroline Cowan knew exactly how she wanted the
farmhouse that she and husband Rob bought four years ago to look once
she’d got her hands on it: ‘Sort of pretty, shabby chic and rustic,’ she
explains casting her eye around their delightful home with its sugaredalmond
colour scheme, cheerful florals and homely vintage finds. ‘But
pursuading Rob - who had always preferred a more masculine and
contemporary style - that this would be a good idea, did take some doing!’
Nevertheless, she nicely - but firmly! - insisted that this should be her
special project: ‘We’ve always compromised on decor,’ she says, ‘but I was
so sure of the look I wanted to achieve, this time I wouldn’t be moved!’
Perhaps one of the reasons her husband of 27 years agreed to let her take
charge of the 16th-century farmhouse’s decor, was because the style she so
confidently envisaged formed the basis of a much bigger plan that is now
part and parcel of life on their 22-acre farm near Tenterden in Kent. ‘We
wanted to find a farmhouse, outbuildings and land that would allow us not
only to keep livestock, but incorporate other ideas we had too - and most
importantly establish a rural wedding venue,’ Caroline explains. ‘The idea
was to create a nostalgic ‘Darling Buds of May’ ambience in complete
contrast to smart, formal celebrations - so my ideas for a home that also
embodied that approach seemed to make sense…’

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