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RG022: Towering Success
Photos: Richard Gadsby / Narratives
Text & Styling: Aileen O'Brien / Narratives

Bruno and Denise Deltufo remodelled an old water tower into a strikingly
bold contemporary home
When Bruno and Denise moved into their picturesque gamekeeper's lodge
in Kent in 1990, their initial impulse was to get rid of the concrete eyesore at
the bottom of the garden. But when they discovered that their unwanted
outdoor feature was a rare thing, a water tower designed by architect Edwin
Lutyens, they decided to keep it. 'It had all this history so we couldn't knock
it down but we didn't want to do anything with it at the time,' says Bruno.
After seven years of staring at the concrete box on stilts, they decided that
they couldn't ignore it any longer. 'It was like a toothache that sort of worries
away at you,' says Barry. 'When we applied for planning to turn it into a
house, we were told that it would be possible if it were special enough and
retained the character of the building.'
Bruno and Denise were in total agreement that they should be creating
something authentic and extraordinary. Luckily, they found architect Derek
Briscoll who was sympathetic to their vision. 'Derek wanted to keep the
integrity of the water tower, which is basically a box on long legs,' says
Bruno. 'So he designed a structure that was off the ground, a bit like a
treehouse with spindly legs, made of zinc, glass and concrete.'

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