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RG023: Escape to the Country
Photos: Richard Gadsby / Narratives
Text & Styling: Janet McMeekin / Narratives

Josie and Mark Parsley jumped through hoops to track down a converted
pub that they’ve transformed into their own rural idyll.
Although many people dream of living in a quaint old cottage complete with
low ceilings, rickety beams and a snug intimate feel, Josie Parsley can think
of nothing worse.
‘I grew up in a Tudor house and now, as a five foot ten adult, I really can’t
cope with a lack of headroom,’ she confides. ‘I find that many of these
properties have wobbly walls, tiny windows and tend to be a little too dark
and claustrophobic for my taste.’
Josie’s dislike of Tudor homes led to a predicament when the
businesswoman and her husband Mark decided to relocate with their
children Tom, Jamie and Grace, from a suburban part of Surrey to leafy
‘Virtually all the character houses within our budget seemed to fall into the
Tudor category – exactly what I was trying to avoid,’ Josie recalls.
Despite this, Josie remained optimistic and, when details of a converted
Victorian pub dropped through her letterbox, she was very excited.
‘The house had huge windows, a lovely airy feel and, despite being quite
tired, it was a project we could really get our teeth into.
‘The location was stunning. Not only is the village on top of a hill with
breathtaking views over the Weald of Kent, the house is right at the village
centre, at the heart of the community, next to the pub, shop and church.

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