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RG029: An Evolving Process
Photos: Richard Gadsby / Narratives
Text & Styling: Sharon Parsons / Narratives

Jane Shaw has never been one to follow convention when it comes to decorating. ‘I know some people follow very strict rules about keeping to a colour palette or scheme, but I’ve always worked on the theory that if you like something, it will probably go with what you’ve already got, so it’s always worth trying...’

It’s an approach that has undeniably paid off: the Kent home which she shares with husband Alastair and their two children Theo and Emily is a unique mix of style, colour, texture and pattern. The overall look - comfortable, uncontrived and eclectic- genuinely works, simply because it isn’t in any way prescribed: pretty chintz sits happily alongside traditional kelim patterns; vintage kitchenalia and crockery in myriad colours are piled upon a variety of different surfaces; well-read books nestle among a cluster of treasured items that somehow shouldn’t ‘work’ together - and yet most definitely do.

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