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RG030: A Fresh Outlook
Photos: Richard Gadsby / Narratives
Text & Styling: Sharon Parsons / Narratives

Jess Platt vividly recalls the moment she wondered if, perhaps, she and her husband David might have taken on a bit too much when it came to renovating the run-down 18th century Dorset cottage they’d just acquired.

‘We’d only moved in a few weeks’ previously and were lying in bed surrounded by buckets to catch the rain that was dripping through the roof: there were even chinks in the tiles that revealed the night sky! I remember feeling daunted by everything we had to do to renovate it properly - and worried about what horrid surprises might lay in store...’

But things, as they say, usually look better in the morning, and as the couple had a makeshift breakfast gazing out at the rolling Purbeck hills sweeping up from the end of their garden, they knew that the view alone would surely make the entire project worthwhile.

18th Century, Spring, Period Homes, Country Homes, Romantic, Outdoors, Conversions & Renovations, Feminine, Cottage, Garden
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