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DC002: Jennifer Newman
Photos: Darren Chung / Narratives
Text: Vinny Lee / Narratives

These incongruous buildings are every bit as important as their smart neighbours and are in fact Grade 2* listed because they were designed by architects James Stirling and James Gowan. Internationally renowned for his originality, if not the robustness of his buildings, Stirling’s name is
now inextricably linked with the annual RIBA prize for architecture named in his honour. A top floor flat in one of the three storey blocks is currently the ‘country’ weekend home of artist and designer Jennifer Newman and her civil engineer and concrete specialist partner Bernard Rimmer. The couple bought the flat two years ago and spent a year “taking it back to the bare bones, removing carpets, flock wallpaper and gilt framed mirrors” says Newman. The floors were revived with wide bleached oak planks, the walls painted white the hearth of the original brick and concrete framed fireplace.

Grade II, Urban Homes, Artist, Designer, Apartment, Flat, 1950's, 50's, Fifities, Autumn, Retro, Architecture
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