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MY001: A Sanctuary Redefined
Photos: Mel Yates / Narratives
Text & Styling: Ali Heath / Narratives

Hannah Judah has transformed a derelict property into a stylish home through
intuitive design and an inherent passion for detail. Having enjoyed London life as a film production manager for twelve years, working alongside some of the industry greats, Hannah was ready for a change in lifestyle as well as career. The launch of her company Scarlett Interiors coincided with the
couple’s move to the country.‘The derelict farmhouse had not been lived in for five years, having been used as an animal sanctuary, for cats and dogs, with a myriad of pens. The house was in desperate need of love and required restructuring to create a layout relevant to modern family life. It was a three year project that could not have provided a more challenging but exciting endeavor to immerse myself in, whilst trying for a family,’ enthuses Hannah.

Spring, Farmhouse, Conversions & Renovations, Interior Designer, Colourful, Winter, Quirky, Eclectic
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