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DC001: Christmas with Allegra
Photos: Darren Chung / Narratives
Text: Vinny Lee / Narratives

At this time of year the London home of designer Allegra Hicks is a place that pleasures the senses. “Home is very personal and I think your surroundings should focus on creativity and pleasure rather than intellectual debate” she says wandering from room to room arranging place settings or carrying piles of presents. The scent of her perfume mingles with aromatic eucalyptus and musky candles, and finger tips are tempted to linger over the plush cut velvet cushions resting on the sofa’s bobbly faux sheepskin upholstery or to stroke the furry catkins on stems of pussy willow festively dressed with tiny, iridescent baubles.

Urban Homes, Festive, Christmas, Winter, Textiles, Stylish, Celebrities / Personalities, Designer, Colourful, Luxury / Aspirational, Luxurious, High End
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