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Features > Winter Homes > Christmas Homes > Sorrell Christmas House
PE132: Sorrell Christmas House
Photos: Polly Eltes / Narratives
Text & Styling: Katherine Sorrell / Narratives

Christmas begins on 1 December when Katherine gets out the advent calendar that she made from matchboxes and coloured paper when Tegan was a baby. She fills it with chocolate coins and anything fun and tiny that she can find, and the children love opening the little drawers each morning. On Christmas Eve it has become a tradition for Tegan and Orlando to leave a tot of whisky and a mince pie for Santa, together with a carrot for Rudolph, by the fireplace. This is one day when deadlines and timetables go out of the window. In the evening we all flop out on the sofas in the living room and play games or watch TV – the run-up to Christmas can be so hectic, it’s incredibly nice just to spend the day relaxing together.’

Festive, Family Home, Seasonal, Seaside, Beach, Christmas, Winter, Colourful, Coastal
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