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RS150: French Masterpiece
Photos: Robert Sanderson / Narratives
Text & Styling: Maggie Colvin / Narratives

Stephanie and Ludovic Riglet saw past the cramped layout of a period flat, rearranged the layout to make every inch count, and furnished it to celebrate their French heritage. When Stephanie persuaded her husband Ludovic to leave Paris and fulfil her life long ambition to live in London, the odds were stacked in her favour. ‘ Although he is French he worked for an international company which gave him the option to move to another country.’
After several visits to the UK, ranged over fifteen years of their married life, discovering Gloucestershire, where Stephanie spent much of her childhood, and then London and Richmond with its superb park, Ludovic arranged a job transfer. They had initially considered buying a big house outside the centre of Richmond but ended up wanting a smaller garden flat in a better location. ‘The flat is two minutes walk from the high street and has an amazing country style garden.’ Says Stephanie. ‘We have never liked the idea of living in one big open plan space, because I hate having to keep the kitchen tidy on permanent display. This flat has a winter style sitting room with an open fire, separated by a wide corridor hall from with a summer sitting room cum dining room opening onto the garden.

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