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RS151: Refined & Revitalised
Photos: Robert Sanderson / Narratives
Text & Styling: Mandy Nolan / Narratives

Both Nigel Cutts and his wife Gilly live and breathe design. For Nigel, an architectural designer was the perfect job, so it was only natural he would turn his talents to creating the perfect home for the couple’s retirement.
With careful planning the Cutts have transformed a pretty house into their perfect retirement home. The sitting room lies between the kitchen and the master bedroom, and has a wonderful fireplace that can be seen from the entrance hall, creating a warm welcome to the house. Two guest rooms are tucked under the slanting eaves with exposed beams and lovely views across the gardens.
When it came to furnishing the house, Nigel and Gilly teamed country style furniture with classic contemporary pieces to create an elegant, yet easy, living space.

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