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RS152: Well Crafted Christmas
Photos: Robert Sanderson / Narratives
Text & Styling: Naomi Jones / Narratives

Artist Joanna Maitland-Hudson has renovated her landlord’s Victorian house in southeast London and decorated it with one-off pieces from fellow craftspeople and old furniture found in local shops. The owner, Jonathan Baldrey is a photographer and entrepreneur who spends most of his time in the Dominican Republic; he rents his spare rooms to several creative people including Joanna Maitland-Hudson (, an artist and property developer, who has recently renovated large parts of the house
Joanna says: ‘I’m definitely drawn to mid-century Danish design with clean, cool neutrals on the walls mixed with colourful art and splashes of colour from accessories.’

Winter, Christmas, Period Homes, Victorian, Festive, London, Vintage, Colourful, Modern, Crafts, Colour, Upcycled, Neutral
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