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JB236: David Herbert House Collection
Photos: Robert Sanderson / Narratives
Text & Styling: Ros Byam Shaw / Narratives

Hidden down a suburban street on the outskirts of south west London, there’s little hint from the front door what treasures lurk inside. Having spent a lifetime slowly building a collection of things he loves (20th century ceramics, pictures and rugs), the final challenge was to display these in a decorative setting. David's collection is essentially ceramics - pots and tableware designed mostly in England from 1915 – 1940’s, and decorated by most of the innovative artists of the day – such as those associated with the Bloomsbury group. As such
it’s a collection that naturally bleeds into painting, sculpture, rugs and furniture, again much designed by artists of the day. He has the largest private collection of pieces from the Omega Workshops (Bloomsbury group decorative workshops 1913-1919), which includes lamps, ceramics and furniture. Welcome, then, to his secret world, one usually hidden behind the front door and glimpsed only by friends and family, a personal sphere replete with interest, humour, and passion even to the point of obsession.

Autumn, Artists, Collection, Collectibles, City, Urban, London, Ceramics, Colourful, Colour
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