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CR033: Lenox Local
Photos: Claire Richardson / Narratives
Text & Styling: Clare Weatherall / Narratives

Michele O’Hana and John Dolan moved to Austerlitz in upstate New York in 2002. Michele, who was born in Ireland, is a ceramicist and designer, and John is a well-known lifestyle photographer for Martha Stewart Living, Travel & Leisure and many leading NYC advertising agencies. They bought the house for its mountaintop location, but it had to be completely gutted and redesigned by Michele before they could move in with their family – Olivia, who is now 18, sixteen-year-old Jack, and Henry, 14. Michele opened her own store nearby two years ago, which she named Local. The building houses her studio and also showcases ‘beautiful handmade things’ made by craftspeople and artists from the area, which she is passionate about bringing to a wider audience. The O’Hana/Dolans live a modern country life, skiing in winter and swimming in summer, tending their chickens and making their own maple syrup.
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