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HJ035: The English Cloth Company
Photos: Holly Jolliffe / Narratives
Text & Styling: Maxine Brady / Narratives

It’s not everyday that you are asked if you would like to swap your small town house for a 19th century cottage, barn and stable block. This is what happened to Freya and Alex Barton, who were selling their small terraced house to move into a larger property. The elderly owner of this lovely converted cottage, barn and stable block had spotted their house for sale. She wanted a smaller home, so she asked them to consider swapping houses with her. ‘The lady who was living here was approaching her 90s and was looking to downsize,’ explains Freya. ‘She had seen Alex's place for sale and suggested a house swap might work for both of us. We came and looked at this place and loved it.’
Built in about 1820, this house was originally the staff cottage, as well as the stables and a cart shed for a larger property called The Grange located next door. The buildings were converted in the 1960’s by a couple ready for their retirement. The agricultural building had solid brick walls, original beams and an unusual layout.

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