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KN008: Burnt Mill
Photos: Kristy Noble / Narratives
Text: Hannah Bullivant / Narratives

With creative family heritage on both sides, and a passion for antiques that runs in the blood it’s no wonder that Rob and Sophie’s old Mill house is full of such character. Located in a little slice of rural Kentish heaven, down a long dusty road, the old Mill, with waterwheel still attached, is the family home of Rob and Sophie, and 10 year old son Monty. They have renovated, and continue to renovate, the whole building themselves, from re pointing the brickwork to adding staircases and floors, to making the curtains and cushions, all with the constant rush of water audible from all parts of the house. Full of flowers and sumptuous textiles, the home has been decorated in classic country style, with carefully chosen antiques and vintage items. Rob builds oak structures and began renovating the house when he was a child, helping his father who owns the land and lives near by. Sophie is a stay at home mum and keen crafter, making many of the cushions covers and curtains herself.

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