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PE135: Mermaid Cottage
Photos: Polly Eltes / Narratives
Text & Styling: Katherine Sorrell / Narratives

After visiting Cornwall every year for a decade, the Halls finally took the plunge and bought a holiday home in the perfect seaside setting. The Cornish holiday home of Melanie and Jeremy Hall is perched on the edge of the Roseland Peninsula and boasts glorious views of the sea. Originally a dormer bungalow built in the 1950s, it has been completely revamped to create a chic yet comfortable four-bedroom home from home for the couple and their three children.
As a description of a dream holiday home, ‘the spider-infested bungalow’ does not sound too promising. However, after viewing a dozen different properties, Melanie and Jeremy sat down with their children to discuss their favourites. And, despite the boys’ less than favourable description of it, the bungalow won hands down. ‘On that day we had seen four other places, including some picture-perfect thatched cottages, but Mermaid Cottage just felt right for us,’ says Melanie, a former solicitor who’s currently at home full-time. ‘It hadn’t been lived in for a couple of years – hence the spiders – but had previously been a much loved family home. It was ready for some updating, but my view was that the house didn’t really matter as long as it was, or could be, big enough for what we wanted and the location was right.’

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