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RS141: Natural Christmas
Photos: Robert Sanderson / Narratives
Text & Styling: Maggie Colvin / Narratives

Tobias and Jennifer Greenbury do nothing by halves and most things way out of the ordinary. Their married life at weekends began in a one bed roomed cottage on the Equestrian Centre estate started by Tobias where thirty polo ponies occupied at least five times more space than they did. ‘I remarked to Toby that while my children were sleeping on sofa beds in what was then his tiny bachelor cottage, his horses lived in luxury with a stable each and a swimming pool.’ Jennifer smiles.’ Yes, horses have swimming pools, at least Toby’s did, and probably one of the first in the country. I simply informed my new husband that his priorities were not quite right.’ Eager to please his new wife and being a talented lawyer who likes a building project, over the next three years, two of the stables within the large barn which had housed fourteen polo ponies was converted in their new home. Sheep took over the polo playing field and the polo ponies were sold off. The club turned into a riding school and a livery for forty stables remained. Although the couple employed a local architect to deal with building regulations and the planning authority, it was Toby who had the overall vision.

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