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RS162: East End Easy Living
Photos: Robert Sanderson / Narratives
Text & Styling: Mandy Nolan / Narratives

When Sara Latham first moved to London from Washington D.C. she was definitely an apartment-living person, but after living in her Primrose Hill flat for over nine years she decided it was time to move into a house with a garden. ‘I had lived in a garden flat for long enough, and really wanted more space and 2 floors, I also really wanted a dog.’ She set about searching for the ideal house in her local area but after three years still hadn’t found anything suitable. ‘I had fun looking at everything and had a few offers accepted, but everything kept falling through, while the prices continued to rise. I had also always fancied east London, more edgy and creative - I love the blend of galleries, great restaurants and funky bars balanced against a strong sense of the local community so I started investigating properties in the surrounding areas.’

Autumn, Late Summer, London, Colour, Colourful, Modern, Contemporary, Pastels, Collections
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