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Features > Summer Homes > Country Homes > Blue Horizons
PE150: Blue Horizons
Photos : Polly Eltes
Styling & Text : Katherine Sorrell

Set in a picture-perfect courtyard filled with clematis, wild strawberries and rambling roses, Paula and Richard converted barn is both rural and coastal. Hidden down a winding country lane, it is deep within rolling farmland that extends practically as far as the eye can see, yet also just a few minutes drive from any number of West Cornwall's beautiful beaches. 'When I come back from a trip to London it's like coming to Shangri La' says Paula, whose interior design company, Maison Bleu Interiors, is based in both Cornwall and Surbiton, Surrey. 'It's such a peaceful, perfect little house, in an idyllic setting.'

Country Homes; Summer: Autumn; Nautical; Seaside Homes; Holiday Home; Neutral Decor; Period Homes;
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