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PE151: Padstow Perfect
Photographer - Polly Eltes
Text & Styling - Katherine Sorrell

At first glance, the old seaside cottage was unprepossessing. Despite its graceful external proportions and symmetrical sash windows, it was a mess inside, with two staircases, a confusing layout of tiny rooms, limited light and unappealing décor. But the new owners, a designer and an architect, were not afraid of a challenge. They were looking for a property that they could turn into a bright and liveable home, suitable for a family, and this was it. ‘It was a great location in the heart of Padstow, handy for the restaurants and beach, but just up the hill from the main town, so away from the summer madness,’ they explain. ‘It hadn’t been touched in years, so it had lots of quirky potential. We loved the idea of creating desirable spaces from such a mess, to bring out what was hidden.’
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