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Features > Autumn Homes > Waterside Homes > Sea for the Soul
PE152: Sea for the Soul
Photographer - Polly Eltes
Text & Styling - Katherine Sorrell

As Sarah and Neythan grill fresh local mackerel on an impromptu beach barbecue, their children – tired but happy from a day’s surfing, swimming and rock pooling – gather round to help, brushing oil, sprinkling salt and adding their own freshly collected limpets. It is a typical day out for the family, who live near Helston, West Cornwall, and run a pub in St Ives. ‘Living by the sea is so much fun,’ says Sarah. ‘There’s so much to do, whether it’s a day at the beach, a cycle along the coastal path or even an inland walk from which you can see both the north and south coasts. We love the fresh fish and shellfish – we eat all sorts of things that we have gathered or caught, from razor clams and mussels to sea bass and, of course, plenty of mackerel. And I also love seeing the sea every day. Even just a glimpse in the distance is good for the soul.’
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