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PE154: Summerhouse
Photography Polly Eltes
Styling & Text Sian Williams

When Kate Johnson 33, and husband Richard, 34, moved into their Victorian home in Wallington, Surrey, in 2004 they wanted to restore it to its former glory. As they run a design agency from home they used the basement as an office while the work was being done. As their business grew, the basement became cramped. The couple had thought about buying a premises nearby but the idea was shelved because it was costly. "We knew the outdoor work shed nestling at the bottom of our garden had potential as it was a good size and had lots of character", says Kate. But it wasn't until their builder suggested they use it as an office space that the idea fell into place. The outbuilding was cluttered and dark,with a tiny entrance and a small window, however it was dry and structurally sound and is now a beautiful garden room.

She shed, Office, Outbuilding, Working from home, bolthole, Summer
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