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PE155: Autumn Leaves
Photography by Polly Eltes
Text & Styling by Sian Williams

Autumn is a wonderful time of the year with all its rich colours and abundance of fruits and vegetables to gather before winter sends everything into hibernation. Why not celebrate this time of the year with a party or supper before the days get shorter and colder decorating your home with a natural Autumnal theme. Leaves are at their best when they have just fallen and their colours and texture are better by far. Collect them carefully in a basket lying as flat as possible. They are easily preserved if you wash them with warm water and dab with glycerin available at most chemists. Coat the glycerin liberally over each side of every leaf so they hold their colour and subtlety. Store them either one by one or in small groups flat in between kitchen roll or paper napkins until ready for use. You can also buy them already preserved from select florists.

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