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JST031: Bright & Easy
Photos: Jody Stewart / Narratives
Text: Celia Rufey / Narratives

The Hancocks 1850's farmhouse sits in a two acre garden approached through its own meadows. The house replaced a much earlier dwelling, then surrounded by its own small village, including a church. All that survives from that era is a barn dating from 1550. The Hancocks bought the farm in 1998 from a farmer who had lived there since the 1940's. It was in a state of considerable disrepair. Restoration began in April 1998 and took more than a year to complete.
The qualities the Hancocks love about the house are the size and proportions of the main rooms, the Georgian style of the windows and the quality of light; there are windows on every side. Bumble has taken a classic approach to the furnishing and decoration. A backdrop of painted walls, fine printed linens and comfortable furniture were high on her list of essentials. This is a house for easy living, she says.
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