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JST035: Raising the Roof
Photos: Jody Stewart / Narratives
Text: Celia Rufey / Narratives

Anthea and Bill Quick bought this farmhouse in 1991 in Lotte et Garonne, France. It hadn't been lived in since the 1950's and it was a ruin. The lifestyle in those days saw animals in the cellar, grain in the attic and the family sandwiched in between. Of course, the Quicks couldn't move into the house in this condition but they were in no hurry. They wanted to do a proper job so the family lived in a caravan whilst restoration took place. First a new roof was put on and new floors constructed. Bedrooms and bathrooms were created in the attic and a new staircase was put in. The Quicks found and restored many original materials from the house including 18th century fireplace tiles that had fallen into the cellar. They have made little alteration to the arrangement of the rooms.
It was 1996 when they lived in permanently. From here they buy French antique furniture and textiles which they sell at English antiques fairs.
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