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JST037: Staying Power
Photos: Jody Stewart / Narratives
Text: Celia Rufey / Narratives

Wendy and Mike Suffield bought their cottage as a stop gap and, after 30 years, realised that it's a perfect fit.
In 1984, Mike and Wendy Suffield were in temporary lodgings with their three daughters having sold their small Victorian house in Dorset. They were looking forward to moving into their dream Georgian house nearby with the mouthwatering prospect of lots of space and wonderful proportions. They were devastated when the owners decided not to sell after all.
The village cottage they eventually purchased dates from 1750 so is Georgian too, but it has been a gardeners cottage, designed on an altogether more modest scale. Wendy admits she had reservations. 'I never wanted to live in a cottage, but thought it would do for a bit until we found somewhere with high ceilings and good fireplaces.'
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