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KN016: Tea & A Chat
Photos: Kristy Noble / Narratives
Text: Hannah Bullivant / Narratives

Nikki McWilliams probably didn't imagine during her Fine Art Drawing degree that she'd end up as a designer with her own company specialising in our fair island's love of biscuits. Unconventional perhaps, but when you consider that Nikki began making gifts to sell at school, as well as co-organising a series of craft market during her degree, her decision to set up her own handmade homewares label in 2009 makes total sense. Her label bears the fruit of her fine art training, understanding of colour and love of making. It's a joyful tribute to her love of pop art and British culture and her fascination with the ritual of the Tea Break. She is most well known for her iconic British Biscuit designs which appear on everything from cushions to wall hangings and selloptape in her busy online shop.
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