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KN017: Lisa Mehydene
Photos: Kristy Noble / Narratives
Text: Carolyn Asome / Narratives

Lisa surveys the curious assortment of French brocante finds that fill her light and airy, South London Victorian terrace home. She attributes her love of “antique-ing” to her grandmother, who has always been keen to mix things up, and remarkably at the age of 101, is still on the hunt for great pieces of furniture or fabric. She laughs. “I inherited that from her and a love of a bargain.”
Creating somewhere homely has always been high on her agenda, but particularly given that Lisa and her husband, spent many years living in rented “condo” accommodation in Singapore and Dubai.
“When you’re living far away from your loved ones, surrounding yourself with things that you really cherish or mean something to you has been very important”.
If anyone has an eye for choosing items that look far pricier than they cost, it is Lisa. It helps of course that these are the very items – Beni Ourain rugs, blankets, wall hangings - that she sells on her interiors site, 
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