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KN018: Camilla's House
Photos: Kristy Noble / Narratives
Text: Ruth Garner / Narratives

The Smith-Westergaard home is the perfect expression of the many threads that form much of Camilla's life and work. Danish roots bring a Scandinavian influence to the home, notably on the main staircase. Using leftover black paint, she hand painted the Danish numbers on each stair - a simple idea that always makes visiting guests smile.
A move from London back to her hometown of Sheffield led Camilla Westergaard along with husband Brendon and children Kaspar, Anouk and Pia right onto the family doorstep. 'Our house actually backs on to my mum's garden so I can see the house where I grew up from our back door and the children climb over the wall to see her!' Camilla explains. A rented Victorian terrace, the five bedroom home sits on a crescent where each house is slightly different in size and dimension. 'We rent it, but it feels like home and I would love to buy it and live here forever.'
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