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KN020: Frieda's Lion
Photos: Kristy Noble / Narratives
Text: Hannah Bullivant / Narratives

Like many house buyers, children's book illustrators Helen Stephens and Gerry Turley, also a ring maker, had a long list of things they wanted in their new house. 'We had been living in London for 16 years and after the birth of Frieda, we ran out of space. We also began to feel the call of the sea, and felt we wanted to slow life down a bit. We wanted to leave London and buy a house on the coast.' Helen explains.
When the couple moved into their cottage, it was rather sad and neglected. 'It was cold and draughty and felt as if there was no heart to the house.' Explains Gerry. 'There were 1970's panels glued over internal doors and all of the fire places were boarded over. But we could see that under the bad decor there was a lovely little cottage waiting to be unearthed. We loved that when you look at the house from the street there is a for in the middle and a window in each corner, like a traditional child's drawing of a house.
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