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RS209: Colour Therapy
Photos: Robert Sanderson / Narratives
Text & Styling: Maggie Colvin / Narratives

Collected on her many travels, contemporary and privately commissioned items fuse into an expression of exuberant colour in Hilde Gresh's London apartment.
Through years of doing up homes, Hilde has often found inspiration browsing around leading interior design shops. 'Gotham was one of my first loves in Notting Hill,' she says, 'and then finally I found India Jane and never looked back. It has such a distinctive style, which is a clever combination of Zen and Moroccan styles, both of which I love.'
Collaborating with the chief buyer of India Jane, Paul Little, who became a good friend, the flat has recently taken on its new colourful personality. As a professional psychotherapist and Feng Shui consultant, Hilde has a thorough understanding of the effects of colour and space on mood, and even wrote a thesis on the subject. 'Although I am Belgian, I grew up in the Congo where my father had a coffee plantation and I am sure that is where I first felt the good effects of exotic colours, silky textures and sweet smells. Rich bright colours lift the spirits. Of that there is no doubt.'

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