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RS219: Dealer's Delight
Photos: Robert Sanderson / Narratives
Text & Styling: Maggie Colvin / Narratives

Banks of Annabel's hydrangeas flank the shiny sky blue front door gracing the entrance to Freya and Spencer Swaffer's Georgian house in Arundel. Constable stayed here about two hundred years and even today it is easy to imagine him or the likes of Jane Austen sweeping down the drive in a horse drawn carriage. The elegantly symmetrical facade remains unchanged. Once past the front door, all similarity to the formality of that by gone era fades in an instant. Colourful contemporary paintings greet you, mixed with a delightful creative kaleidoscope of furnishings, artefacts and paintings, spanning many different centuries from many European capitals.
Fortunately Freya shares her husband's passion and together they collect works of art and antiques singing off the same song sheet 'We are fortunate in sharing a similar view on how we want the house to look. The hardest decisions,' says Freya, 'are which pieces we should keep and which to put in our shop to sell. We have been upgrading bits of furniture for years. Now we should be running out of wall space, yet somehow the house is never quite as perfect as we want it to be. But we live in hope.'
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