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Features > Spring Homes > Urban Homes > Into the Blue
RS222: Into the Blue
Photos: Robert Sanderson / Narratives
Text & Styling: Maggie Colvin / Narratives

Getting onto the property ladder and looking for that first flat to buy is so often fraught with disappointments, and the history of Laura Stafford-Deutsch's quest was no different. 'I fell in love with several flats and so nearly bought the wrong one,' says Laura, who was almost giving up when she found a maisonette in her price bracket. 'My own little home on two floors sounded too good to be true. A big luxury,' Laura smiles recalling her initial delight as she clicked to view its details on the internet. 'I could not believe my eyes. It had its own private entrance with front door, high ceilings and a spiral staircase leading to a bedroom/bathroom floor. It felt like a little house but selling for the price of a flat.'
Inevitably there was one insurmountable drawback staring Laura in the face. 'The kitchen was really tiny with just enough cupboard space and no dishwasher. I knew it would be possible to replace the wood laminate units that were falling apart but how on earth could I magic more space out of thin air and where would I fit a dishwasher?'
Enter Mrs Jo Thorp, Laura's amazing godmother. 'As an interior designer with a wealth of experience and flare, I was so blessed to have a godmother like Jo.' Laura beams. 'She has the most fantastic eye. She sorted out my kitchen. It literally took her an afternoon to suggest how we could transform it.'
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