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BD155: A Colourful Compilation
Sonia and Chris Couling have a playful approach to the collections that fill their vibrantly-coloured villa where antiques, junk shop finds and contemporary art all have a place. Ask Sonia Couling what she collects and you are met with a laugh. ‘What don’t I collect might be easier to answer,’ she says. ‘Hymn boards, shoe lasts, ceramics, trophies, silhouettes, wooden signs and anything that makes me smile.’ In less talented hands, such a range of objets, and from so many different eras, could look more like the storage room of a bric-a- brac shop than a home, but these hands
belong to an avid collector who always knows where a new purchase will fit in.

Auckland, New Zealand, Period Home, Conversion, Renovation, Antiques, Vintage, Collections, Display, Spring, Summer, Country Home, Garden, Terrace,
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