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BD156: Sentimental Journey
When you walk into a home full of incredible displays of magnificent sculptures and exquisite antiques it would be easy to assume that it would not be the sort of place where you can kick off your shoes and curl up on the sofa, or let children make a mess doing what children do. But here in Daniele and Susanna Verdi’s London townhouse all that and more is true. ‘First and foremost, this is a family home,’ says father of three Daniele. ‘But we have chosen to surround our children (Ottavia, Arianna, and Tommaso) and ourselves with images and objects that inspire us; I think that art is therapeutic. Apart from their aesthetic value, most of the objects in our house have a sentimental value: they remind us of travels together, of the people who offered them to us or from whom we have inherited them; and the great majority of paintings are in fact by Susanna.’

London, UK, Period, Renovation, Collections, Artist, Art, Display, Italian Family, Victorian Terrace, Professionals, Colourful home, Eclectic, Family home, Summer.
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