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BD161: True Romance
An upcycled a tiny farm shed into a romantic home full of warmth and character. This 200-year- old farm shed was extended and converted in 2008. Most of us have dabbled with some junk shop makeover of one kind or another, but
how many of us would have the courage and imagination to take this to another level, and upcycle our entire home? Farmer’s wife Liz Lamour is definitely a lady with daring do; she says: ‘All we had was an old shed, some redundant farm equipment and a field full of hemp; we scratched our heads and thought to ourselves what kind of home can we make?’ The answer hit her like a lightening bolt: a pretty cottage full of romance and character, of course. ‘The shed was very small but I just knew it had potential if we extended it a little,’ Liz recalls. ‘We didn’t have a huge budget so we mostly had to use what we had lying around the farm, but that has meant we’ve created something very special.’

Summer, France, Renovation, Conversion, Upcycle, Farm Shed, Rustic, Antique, Vintage, Eclectic, Pretty, Budget Ideas
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