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EW038: Diverse Inspiration
Photography by Emma Lewis/Narratives
Styling & Text by Ali Heath/Narratives

When the talents of a successful interior designer and artist, combine with that of an established antiques dealer it would be likely to expect either a masterclass in visual styling or a steadfast battle of creative wills. Fortuitously Rob Wyn Yates and Richard Atkinson have combined their esoteric styles to create both a home and shop that celebrate their individuality and personal
sense of style.
Having both followed successful careers – Rob as a commercial interior designer for leading restaurants & international hotels; Richard as an antiques dealer working for many of London’s most reputable, including Sotheby’s, Gallery 25 and Lamberty on Pimlico Road - they decided to shake things up and make the move out of London.
‘We wanted to try something different,’ says Rob. ‘I have always loved Suffolk – it feels like the land that time forgot, a place where the natural environment has survived and remained untouched. Richard wasn’t so keen at first but succumbed quickly to the allure of the county and it’s incredibly creative vibe.’ When they first saw the rural 17th century cottage in 2008 it had been virtually condemned. ‘This was part of the charm,’ says Richard. ‘With antiques I look for character, age and provenance – in the cottage you could feel the history as you walked across the undulating brick floor; ducked through low doorways; and touched aged patches of brickwork–worn smooth over the years. ‘We knew it was where we wanted to live. It would have been easy to replace everything with modern 20th century conveniences such as central heating and sleek contemporary finishes; instead we chose to preserve it’s raw appeal – it’s what we fell in love with’. A new staircase, kitchen and bathroom have been added and the dining room reworked to
withstand the freezing winter elements, but all in keeping with the original character.
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