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PW058: Come Christmas...
Photography Polly Wreford/ Narratives
Text & Styling by Mary Norden/Narratives

On the edge of South Shropshire, where it meets the wilds of Wales, is hidden up a dirt track amongst the hills, a small
cottage. Owned by art director and stylist Mary Norden, and her husband, Charles Garrad, artist and film maker, it is where they go to escape the noise and speed of London. The cottage belonged originally to Charles’s parents. Found as a ruin in the early 70s, it was slowly restored and added to over the years. Otherwise little has changed. Furnished with inherited pieces, found vintage objects from local junk stores and car boots, and plenty of colourful fabrics. Mary and Polly Wreford have recently published 'Gathered' , a book of photographs about the joy and beauty of flowers.
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