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RS240: Dreaming of a White Christmas
With an all time passion for all white interiors, Gary and Maria Myers expanded their terrace house and created the perfect stage for their Christmas. A festoon of white feathers, doves and twinkling glass baubles hung by white satin ribbons form a sparkling cloud of Christmas decorations above Maria Myer’ dining table. Each dining chair is backed
with a pair of white-feathered angel wings. Her sitting room is entirely lit by candles bathing the all white tree in a glittering glow. Maria’s trademark is extravagance - she does nothing by halves. Original ideas literally spill out of her energetic personality and she loves to ring the changes. Next year the same space could be filled with a few see through snowflakes to equally breath taking effect. ‘I love to explore new ideas,’ she says,‘and I never stop collecting bits to add to my store of Christmas decorations.’Choosing to furnish with white in almost every room, was not designed with Christmas in mind but simply due to Maria’s forever passion for white, and the Christmas bonus is a by product creating a glittering array of festive interiors.
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