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RS206: Island Life
Photography by Robert Sanderson/Narratives
Styling & Text by Maggie Colvin/Narratives
Location: Greece

Above a sparkling Aegean sea, Lucy and Dominic Judd transformed a Greek house as an idyllic haven for their family holidays. The view across the bay is of Kioni a small idyllic seaside village with two or three seaside tavernas, which come alive at night and reflect patterns of twinkling lights on the water. During the day, the bay is dotted with passing yachts and fishing boats. These days when I sit down to read a book , I seldom get beyond page five.’ Lucy, smiles, ‘ there is too much to divert my attention,’ and that includes her children, Freddie 11 and Henrietta 12 who are a lively part of her distractions.
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